About Us


Stratis Publishing Ltd was founded in 2004 as a media company through which to launch a cohesive string of products starting first with a print magazine focused on the lives and achievements of people over the age of 55. Our flagship magazine was soon complemented by

  • a robust website
  • a searchable online housing database for people over 55
  • an annual 55+ Lifestyle Show
  • a Canadian bestseller book called “To Move or Not to Move? – A Helpful Guide for Seniors Considering Their Residential Options.”



INSPIRED Senior Living magazine is a proud ambassador of the 55+ demographic, telling their stories and sharing their achievements and adventures with the rest of the world.  We also provide a way for businesses to tell this thriving and growing demographic about appropriate products and services.

INSPIRED Senior Living disrupts the false notions around aging by introducing you to people who are 55 or older and breaking out of the ageist stereotypes society has constructed. INSPIRED will introduce you to people who are taking their lifelong passions into retirement. Others are re-inventing themselves by trying new activities.  For these people, the courage to live each day takes them to new and unexpected adventure and achievement.

This monthly magazine is distributed throughout British Columbia, Canada.



Our website offers information about how to live purposefully and thrive, providing a wealth of how-to information on a variety of topics from health to housing, from finance to travel, and everything in between. We entertain visitors from all parts of the globe.

Within this expansive website you will find hundreds of articles and the digital versions of our print magazines. One of its most popular offerings is an extensive housing resource for people over 55 that is searchable and easy to navigate, called the INSPIRED Senior Housing Directory of BC.  It includes listings for apartments, condominiums, townhomes, 55+ communities and senior residences. It is one of the most extensive, most up-to-date housing resources available for BC residents.



Our annual 55+ Lifestyle Show provides a day of informative interaction and fun. It is an opportunity for businesses to have face to face encounters with engaged customers.  We have hosted this show in Victoria and Vancouver, and we have plans to expand into other areas of the province.



 “To Move or Not to Move? – A Helpful Guide for Seniors Considering Their Residential Options” is a Canadian bestseller, written by Barbara Risto.  First published in 2007, it has been reprinted and revised in 2009 and 2017. It is a handbook for seniors and their families as they navigate a host of questions and decisions related to finding the right housing as one ages.



Our magazine, website, 55+ Lifestyle Show and other supporting products provide a cohesive brand that informs and celebrates people over the age of 55. Aging successfully is about engaging in life with a positive attitude. It’s about honoring who we are becoming.  We acknowledge those who are choosing to live life to its fullest with passion and dignity.



Over half of consumer goods are purchased by people over age 50. We are expecting this statistic to grow at an amazing rate over the next 20-25 years.

The 55+ consumer group is becoming the staple customer in the marketplace.

Our blend of products (print magazine, website and lifestyle show) offers businesses a variety of marketing options in all price ranges. 

Advertising with us is like a warm referral. We have worked diligently to earn the trust of our vast audience. By association, this trust is often extended to the companies who appear in our magazine or website as advertisers.

We acknowledge those businesses and organizations who recognize this demographic as their strongest, most loyal customer base.

Please contact us at sales@seniorlivingmag.com if you would like to learn more about reaching our extensive 55+ readership with your marketing message.