Browse by Care Type

If you know which type of care you require, this is a quick way to find properties that match your needs.

Here is a brief summary of each care type:

No Care: These residences do not offer any form of built-in care services (e.g meals, laundry, nursing, etc).  These are apartments, townhomes, condominiums or 55+ communities in which the occupants are able to manage every aspect of their own personal care or hire the care they need privately.

Independent Living: Also known as Supportive Living, these residences include a combination of housing and hospitality services for retired adults who are capable of directing their own care.

Assisted Living: These residences offer housing, hospitality services and personal assistance to adults who can live independently but require regular help with daily activities. By law, all Assisted Living residences must be registered with the Assisted Living Registrar of BC.

Complex Care: Sometimes called Residential Care, these residences also provide care and supervision for retired adults who are no longer capable of directing their own day-to-day activities. Complex Care settings typically provide a combination of housing and hospitality services, as well as extensive support services.

Memory Care: Sometimes referred to as Dementia Care, these residences offer care specific for adults who have trouble recalling information sufficient to perform everyday activities safely, including finding their way from location to location. Residences that provide this type of care will usually have extra safety measures installed, help manage medication and provide nursing care commensurate with the needs of the client.

Respite Care: These residences offer temporary shelter and care to adults in order for their primary caregivers to go away or gain some rest and relaxation.

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